SubConsciousMind – Symphonies of Life

SubConsciousMind – Symphonies of Life

Ektoplazm is happy to present a new album by Swiss musician SubConsciousMind. Symphonies of Life, his fifth full-length release, explores different aspects of the human experience: Patience, Truth, Consciousness, Destruction, Love, Creation, Beauty, Humility, and Trust. This is an album that reveals its true intensity the more you listen to it. Every time you hear it another theme might resonate with your inner world, or new revelations may come to pass. One day a theme may not get through to you, another day it will open up an emotional world without description. Keep this in your playlist, let it be part of your life, and the beauty of this musical artwork will unfold over time. Here we have an album that truly says what can not be said with words, music that tells stories for real! Subscribe to the SubConsciousMind Newsletter to stay updated about new releases and please consider supporting the IndiGoGo Campaign for the album or SubConsciousMind on Patreon.

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Released under a Creative Commons license for noncommercial usage.

Track Listing

01 – Patience (143 BPM)

02 – Truth (143 BPM)

03 – Consciousness (143 BPM)

04 – Destruction (142 BPM)

05 – Love (142 BPM)

06 – Creation (140 BPM)

07 – Beauty (143 BPM)

08 – Humility (Album Version) (140 BPM)

09 – Trust (143 BPM)

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