Rose Red Flechette – The Destruction Myth

Rose Red Flechette – The Destruction Myth

Rose Red Flechette‘s The Destruction Myth is a story of entropy and decay, death and destruction, things seen as evil, but merely part of the natural cycle. These tracks outline some of the more real human evils and injustices that speed that process along. We’ve been divided and thus controlled, had our truths buried by fallacy, our empathy declared a weakness, and our freedoms divorced from all responsibility. It is a cautionary diatribe to remind us there is indeed a point of no return, and no such place as “away”. Mastered by David Chaim Cohen at Design by Thkgrfk. Released by Anomalistic and Splatterkore Reck-0rds.

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Track Listing

01 – Let Bleed The Nectars Of Distortion (123/246 BPM)

02 – Broadcast Deliriants (175 BPM)

03 – Penetrative (177 BPM)

04 – The Singularity Process (203 BPM)

05 – Demagogue Demi God (109/175/219 BPM)

06 – Infocide (223 BPM)

07 – Inexorable (234 BPM)

08 – Ex Abyssus (Machina Ex V2) (129/258 BPM)

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