Return to Goa II
  • 16:00-12:00
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Event Description

One year ago, PsyTribe broke free from the confines of bars and clubs and teamed up with some of Shenzhen’s finest DJs to bring you South China’s first psychedelic beach festival: Return to Goa. On June 27th, we invite you to join our 2nd annual pilgrimage to the motherland of psytrance.

Pilgrims will nourish mind, body and soul beginning with groovy afternoon/evening of tunes supplied by Sunset Funk. Various workshops will be held on subjects like yoga and meditation, healing and hula-hooping, along with a special instructional seminar on poi and fire dance by resident Pixxel. When the moon rises, PsyTribe will take over the stage for your return to the psychedelic source.

Headlining the event will be a special live set by the father of Chinese psytrance, Spirit Tribe creator and GoaProductions’ founder, DJ and producer Atoned Splendor (aka Psytrance Pete, aka Peter Donaldson). Pete is lugging some heavy gear from Yunnan and will treat the dance floor a unique, hardwired set of his own live psychedelic production. Support from PsyTribe residents Chief, Nimbus, Weirdside, special guest set from Sunset Funk brainchild Ekki.

Atoned Splendor (Live Set) (GoaProductions, Spirit Tribe)

Ekki (Sunset Funk, TheCollectiv)

Tayta (Sunset Funk, BulentaRecords)

D-Soul (The Collectiv)

Chief (PsyTribe)

Nimbus (PsyTribe)

Weirdside (PsyTribe)

VJ Anima

Poi & fire dance seminar by Pixxel

Traditional Chinese Medicine by Tindy

Yoga & meditation by Tindy& Bluebird

Hula hooping by Christine

Natural Remedies by Zulunation

(Note : if you would like to hold your ownworkshop, please get in touch.)

Event Information

Atoned Splendor is the artist moniker of GoaProductions founder Pete Donaldson. Pete began a lifetimes pursuit of music very early on by taking up playing the cello at age three and the piano at age six. Later, his interest in electronic dance music developed and he undertook an HND in Music Technology in Manchester. Upon graduation, he started working for Flying Rhino records in London, where he cut his psytrance teeth working alongside the now infamous Rhinos: James Monro, George Barker and Dominic Lamb.In the summer of 2003, Pete began working for Raja Ram’s legendary psytrance label TipRecords. Pete worked at TIP until 2009 when he relocated to Beijing and started the China-based psytrance organization GoaProductions. Since then, he has been on a mission to psychedelify the Middle Kingdom by throwing proper parties, supporting local psytrance producers, as well as releasing quality psytrance via the label. The future is jam packed with loads more slamming tunes and awe-inspiring events all over China. Keep your ear tuned to the sound !
DongChong Beach (东冲海边)