Made In China
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PsyTribe presents: “Made In China” EP Release Party

Featuring: Acid Echoes (GoaProductions 中国)

Join us in celebrating China’s first homegrown Psytrance release. As usual–free entry, cheap drinks, and psychedelic vibes. Artist and album info below.

Support from: Chief, Nimbus, Electric Mayhem, Weirdside, Anima, Pixxel

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Event Location

Universiade Torch Tunnel, 深圳湾大运会火炬前 (Nanshan)
Take a taxi to 深圳湾大运会火炬前 and follow the signs

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Acid Echoes, the youngest member of GoaProductions, brings a fresh sound from a new generation of Chinese electronic music pioneers. To her, Psytrance is much more than music; it’s a way to define and experience the totality of life. It connects with all aspects of our existence, science, philosophy, culture, art and spirituality.

Acid Echoes’ sets are beyond her years with a deep sense of how to take any dancefloor on a Psychedelic rollercoaster through its collective soul. Feel the groove, and let an Acid-Echo flow through your mind!

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“Made In China” is a very special release for everyone at GoaProductions as it marks the start of music produced by China’s first generation of native homegrown artists. GoaProductions main man Atoned Splendor has spent the past year working closely with three promising Chinese talents: Acid Echoes, DJ Yi and Sixears. The outcome was three killer tracks: Tribalize, Polysix and Goblin Funk. Tribalize, as the names suggests, is a dust-kicking, foot-stomping affair with pounding drums that transport the listener into an otherworldly dimension of ancient totemic psychedelic rituals. Polysix is an upbeat slice of melodic Psy that builds up into an effortlessly uplifting psychedelic riff at the end. Then finally we have Goblin Funk, crunchy FX and a cheeky groove, with a killer 303 lead. What more could you ask for?

Track Listing:
1. Atoned Splendor&Sixears – Tribalize
2. Atoned Splendor&Yi – Polysix
3. Atoned Splendor&Acid Echoes – Goblin Funk

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