Digital Family Vol. 7

Digital Family Vol. 7 is the seventh edition of the popular psychedelic techno compilation series from Digital Diamonds, a pioneering netlabel from Germany. Featured here are eleven previously unreleased tunes,

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SubConsciousMind – Symphonies of Life

Ektoplazm is happy to present a new album by Swiss musician SubConsciousMind. Symphonies of Life, his fifth full-length release, explores different aspects of the human experience: Patience, Truth, Consciousness,

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VA – MoDem Festival Vol. 5

It’s hard to believe that we have been around for five years already. We certainly didn’t do this all on our own, and we want to express our gratitude and appreciation to those who have helped us to get

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Rose Red Flechette – The Destruction Myth

Rose Red Flechette‘s The Destruction Myth is a story of entropy and decay, death and destruction, things seen as evil, but merely part of the natural cycle. These tracks outline some of the more real human evils

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Cardamohm – A Seed

After the success of Hybrid Seeds, Cardamohm is happy to present their debut album, A Seed, featuring 8 tracks blending wind instruments and electronic music. The ethnotrance duo’s recipe mixes techno grooves,

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Golomp – Tribos do Mato

Tribos do Mato offers a pure connection with magic, nature, and opening the portals! Direct from his cave Golomp was creating his own new histories all these years, celebrating the breathing of the forest and life in a

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Cirqular – Omni Directional

Omni Directional is the second stunning world bass release from Cirqular on Triple Drop Productions. Originally released in 2016, these three songs are now available for free. Acknowledging the wakeful pride and deep

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Hadron Collider

Enter the Hadron Collider and get accelerated to extremely high kinetic energies! Let your brain hemispheres collide within your inner mind, experience the whole universe in a single moment, and you might find the

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BasikOne – Take Off

This is the debut album release of Walter Delazer AKA BasikOne, an artist based in the Southeast of the Italian Alps. BasikOne has been DJing for more than 20 years, gaining loads of experiences with different styles of

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Trismegisto – Singularity

Trismegisto (Victor Nunez AKA Nap) is a young and talented musician from Mexico. Lunatic Alien Records has the great of pleasures of bringing you his amazing debut album, Singularity. The concept of this album lays in

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