Absolut Shit EP6

Absolut Shit is proud to present Absolut Shit EP6, the latest installment of its experimental compilation series. As always, this release features a variety of styles and tempos by producers with unique sonic visions,

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Smörgåsbord Vol. 3: Porta-Party

Smörgåsbord Vol. 3: Porta-Party marks the third installment of the highly-acclaimed psychedelic downtempo series. Compiled by Jeremy’s Aura and brought to you by Omnitropic in collaboration with The

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Step High – Celestial Colors

Step High, solo project of french musician Alain Lambinet, releases his second full-length album on Altar Records. Celestial Colors presents seven tracks from the genre of dub to psychill, all mixed in a very

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Tron Sepia – The Theoretiker

In the aftermath of the battle for Human Territory an enigmatic riddler rises to power: The Theoretiker. This special release features Radioactive Sandwich‘s ”Flange” remix from Weird Fishes &

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Maiia – Live At Brooklyn Hall

Mystic Sound Records and Maiia have prepared a nice gift for their listeners: the recording of the Maiia full band in concert at Brooklyn Hall! Imagine the psychill music being played live. We don’t mean the

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Cardamohm – Hybrid Seeds

Cardamohm is happy to present Hybrid Seeds, an alternative vision of their debut album, A Seed, that blends machines and a whole bunch of magic flutes. The french ethno-trance duo invited some friends to remix five

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Natural Selections Vol. 2

Uncomfortable Beats returns with the second instalment of the Natural Selections series, featuring over 20 new beats from artists across the globe. Natural Selections Vol. 2 showcases the label’s hop and

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Shantifax – Behind Behind

Sarnarschourt Records proudly presents Behind Behind, the fifth release of autodidact and multigenre producer Klaus Balzarek. This album, as usual, will feed your ears with some proper organic trance, occasionally

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Progressive Landscapes 3

WDG-Music label head Hirnlego has again gathered a fine selection of progressive artists to contribute to the third installment of Progressive Landscapes. Keeping some of the already represented musicians and adding

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Zero Gravity

Oblivion Records is proud to present their long-awaited debut compilation, Zero Gravity. This opening collection features music from ten artists spread all over the world, unified with their deep and twisted psychedelic

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