Immortal Sun – Sun Worshiper

Immortal Sun delivers 4 fresh, exciting, and groovy tracks with that pinch of psychedelic with Sun Worshiper, his debut on Digital Diamonds. After releasing on Techgnosis Records he returns with an innovative fusion of

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Sativa – The First Harvest

The First Harvest is the debut release from French producer Sativa. In the past four years he managed to create a musical universe in constant expansion, gathering a multitude of sounds ready for you to experience. It

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Oksha – Focal

Psynon Records are thrilled to present their latest release, Focal, by Mexican producer Oksha. These tracks tell stories full of nuances and changes of pace that make you dance with their shining and consistent energy.

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Ohmny – Way Of Light

Psynon Records is proud to present Way Of Light by Ohmny, the result of years of hard work and dedication to develop a production level that stands out and to create a unique and distinct sound. This is a deep

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Nibana – Fireside Tales

Firesides Tales is the third solo release from Nibana presented to you by ADN Music. Take a comfortable place around the campfire and immerse yourself into four soothing musical stories driven by downtempo, ambient,

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Cosmic Consciousness

Backflip Records is proud to present Cosmic Consciousness, a 12-track odyssey crafted by sonic scientists from around the world. Coming to you from a distant galaxy, Martian De has assembled a plethora of mind-bending

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Virus Installer – The Scientific Method

After two successful releases Trojan.exe and Security Breach Australian producer Virus Installer is proud to present his third release, The Scientific Method. Taking a short break from psytrance, Virus Installer

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Animistic – Stardust Beings

Stardust Beings is the debut album by Ireland-based Brazilian producer Animistic. After experiencing dance floors with his DJ project,The Adults Want Psytrance, Animistic and his friends collaborated to product the

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Sinewinder – Parallax

Parallax is the fourth release from Bristol-based Sinewinder to be distributed by Ektoplazm. Released on Quantum Bleep Records, this 6 track mini-album was written for the basement party at the end of the world. Expect

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Mr Miaou – Cosmo Karma

Mr Miaou returns with his second release on Solariom Records, this time taking us on a journey through the individual and collective Cosmo Karma. Produced in Ardeche in France, the artist recorded voice and guitar to go

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