Ocean Star Empire – Dots On Maps

The international collaborative project Ocean Star Empire follows up on The Purest Form with their second full-length album, Dots On Maps, on the Pure Chords imprint. As before, this is an epic journey blending hints of

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Hongos Longos – Rashacadabra

Jonas Cout is back to the slower BPMs with his new release under his Hongos Longos guise, Rashacadabra. Prioritizing live recorded instruments, the result is a inventive and direct collection of songs, a dialogue

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Digital Decade

Digital Diamonds is proud to present Digital Decade, an ambitious release celebrating ten years of activity in the underground electronic music scene. Compiled by Ben Rama, this release features 10 exceptional remixes

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GreatOwl – Ikilixi

Ikilixi is the second release of GreatOwl. Especially Dedicated to all lost and hungry spirits, Ikilixi contains the misty rhythms of the cycles of the moonlit sky. High above the forest canopy, Ikilixi unfolds through

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Galileo – Celestial Bodies

CyberBay Records is proud to present Celestial Bodies, the debut album by Israeli producer Galileo (Gali Hania). This album is a combination of sharp hi-tech sounds, dark psychedelic atmospheres, glitchy breaks, and

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