Gubbology – Anachronism

Troll N’ Roll Records proudly presents Anachronism, the new album from Gubbology (Olof Ejstes), an artist already known for two albums of ambient and downtempo music as School of Crystal Healing. Gubbology has

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Qawa Beat – Singularity

Let’s ride the psychedelic wings on a low altitude flight into the jungle, towards the great unknown, with a greasy, fat, distorted sound. Singularity is a unique album born after almost two years of hard work and

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Fractali3n – Waiting For The Sun

Waiting For The Sun is the second release from Fractali3n, a psytrance producer based in Germany. He is very proud to release this one on the well-known forest label Banyan Records. With the intention of combining

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Elemental Spirits

“In ancient Greece it was believed that the Reality we perceive consists of four basic elements of nature, each corresponding to a layer: Fire to Mental, Air to Astral, Water to Energetic and Earth to Natural

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Slate – Ragged Dagger

Ragged Dagger marks the debut of Slate, a new project from Greek veteran Dark Elf. Released on Ovni Records, this initial offering features four strong and heady tunes as well as two collaborations with Red Dead Jo. The

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Munsmawa – El Camino Del Corazón

Munsmawa is a forest psytrance project from Bolivia releasing with Andean Tribe Records with all the influence of the Andes Mountains and their spirituality. It is a mirror of being living in the mountains in this time

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Sinewinder – Scatterbrain

Scatterbrain is the long-awaited third release on Ektoplazm from Sinewinder, an act based in Bristol, U.K. These four tracks have been popular features of Sinewinder’s live set for a number of years and now appear

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Ypsilon 5 – Binary Sky

Ypsilon 5 from Sweden delivers a set of solid trance tracks, themes ranging from night-time stompers like Hologram Infection to true old-school influenced morning trancers like Beta Pictoris and massive stormers like

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Ethereal – Anima Mundi

Originally released by Tranceform Records in 2003, this is a full-length artist album by Ethereal featuring seven previously unreleased tracks. The name of the album Anima Mundi is an old latin term for “soul of

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Blissful Moments

Mornings, the most memorable moments of outdoor parties, filled with light and warmth, characterized by wild dancing and smiling faces. Energetic digital dance music throbbing out of speakers in natural surroundings

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