Psyshastra – Dei Ex Machina

Psyshastra are back on Backflip Records with their third ritual experience, Dei Ex Machina, literally “Gods from the Machine”. Gathered here are five nocturnal adventures in the artist’s signature

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Juelz – Phoenix Lights

WDG-Music presents the new masterpiece Phoenix Lights by dark Progressive veteran Juelz from Germany. Embracing the rhythmic potential of deranged bleeps and noises, Juelz takes progressive by its hand and lead it into

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Chilam Impacts

Gathered in secret location, surrounded by mystical smokey clouds, badgers dive deep into the impacts of the eternal burning chilam. Come join us in a soothing meditating journey here on Chilam Impacts. Compiled by

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Ektoplazm 10 Year Anniversary

Today marks ten years since I slapped a counter on the site and started tracking downloads. Ektoplazm had already been running for quite awhile—and even spent some time as a BitTorrent tracker—but July

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Caleidisco – Marshmallow Moon

Caleidisco is San Francisco Bay Area experimental producer Nicholas Gathany (formerly known as Coloringbook), bringing us the sequel to the warp-drive kawaii roller coaster that is Candy Island. Marshmallow Moon is the

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New Beginning

Evolution Family, in collaboration with D Noir, is glad to reveal New Beginning (Light & Shadows), a double compilation expressing all the colors and sounds that you’ll find at the Human Evolution festival.

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Ender – Fierce Equanimity

Liquidseed feels blessed to be planting our next seed, Ender‘s latest album Fierce Equanimity. This special full-length release is a mixture of downtempo, IDM, cybernetic psybreaks, and drum ‘n bass sounds

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Pororoca – Agent Ant

Pororoca, the experimental duo from Germany is back with something you might not expect after their last release, Opposite Orchestra. This time you will be taken into the twisted and surprising mind madness of Agent

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Cerbura – Point Blank

Point Blank is the second album release by Cerbura and the 11th release by SarnarSchourt Records. Enjoy a unique style of night-time dark tunes emerging and coming to the surface from the underground of the South

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Cosmic Touch – Reconnection

Visionary Shamanics Records and Cosmic Touch (Nico Kumpulainen) proudly present the Finnish producer’s third offering on Ektoplazm. Reconnection is a detailed vibrational description of an ancient astral journey.

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