Nibana – Shūmatsu No Tani

Shūmatsu No Tani (終末の谷; “The Valley of the End”) is the third album written and produced by French musician Nibana. This double CD-length album features 18 tracks divided

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Intra Frekish Void – Self-Transforming Nature

Self-Transforming Nature, Intra Frekish Void‘s first release on Ektoplazm, will immerse you into a melancholic and energetic journey. The trip begins with the history of humans focused around themselves, continues

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Samplestick – MH31

We feel really honered that Giorgos Koutsogilas AKASamplestick, has trusted Liquidseed family with his third release, keeping up this underground tradition. MH31 contains five midtempo progressive tunes blending

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Mystic Chill

Mystic Chill is another downtempo masterpiece from Mystic Sound Records. We carefully selected the best of tracks from veterans and newcomers alike to take you to another side of chilled electronic music and groovy deep

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Badgers Visions

Visionary Shamanics and Badgers Records are joining forces to present you with this mystical collection of pure night-time psychedelia. “Living underground and being active at night limits the use of vision,

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Floating Machine – Convergence

Released by the indomitable Digital Diamonds, advanced audio netlabel from Germany, Convergence marks the formal debut of Floating Machine, a Portuguese project already known for his work alongside Crennwiick as one

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BreKeke – Similarities

Luk-Si Records presents their eighth release, Similarities, the second album from talented Czech producer BreKeke (Josef Slavík). After being a guitarist and drummer for several bands he fell deeply in love with

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Immortal Sun – Distant Sky

Techgnosis Records is proud to be introducing Immortal Sun, the brand-new musical project of Canadian electronic artist Nick Baris. Distant Sky represents Nick’s vision for contemplative techno with classic

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Schpunk – Techno Ist Das Halbe Leben

Released by Glitchy.Tonic.Records, Techno Ist Das Halbe Leben is the debut from Schpunk, a new side project from Phasenverschiebungen heavily influenced by Zenon Record’s Smalltalk series. From this aesthetic a

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Drollkoppz – Rubber Duck (The Remixes)

WDG-Music returns with another remix compilation, jam-packed with musical homages to a blasting progressive psytrance tune. This time it’s Drollkoppz’s “Rubber Duck”, originally heard on

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