Kalumet – Transfix

Hungarian psytrance pioneer Kalumet is celebrating 20 years of electronic music production with this gift featuring four of his newest tunes. Transfix is his second release on Sangoma Records after Sheer Liquid

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Monkey Puzzle – The Multi-Dimensional Satchel

Monkey Puzzle are proud to present their first official studio release, The Multi-Dimensional Satchel, a five-track journey written and performed with real-world instruments and FX hardware and no laptop in sight. With

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From This World To The Next 2

Backflip Records proudly presents From This World To The Next 2, the follow-up album to the first in the series. This time around the Backflip family features a selection of new and veteran artists with psychedelic

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Paralitic Twins – Birth Of Cosmos

Psycana Records is proud to present Birth Of Cosmos, the debut release of the promising project Paralitic Twins from Mexico. This collection of song blends a mixture of pianos, violins, acoustic instruments,

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Praheya – Tales From The Process

Tales From The Process, Praheya‘s fourth release on Ektoplazm, takes you on a ride through a musical expression of inner states of transformation happening to an awakening human at this very special time on this

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Cosmic Touch – Linked To The Essence

Visionary Shamanics Records proudly presents the new album from Finnish Artist Cosmic Touch (Nico Kumpulainen). Linked To The Essence is a shamanic elixir of the most potent variety, carefully brewed over the long,

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Mr Miaou – Warp Rift

Solariom Records psychedelically presents Warp Rift by Mr Miaou (Hugolus Billars) from Annonay, France. Opening with a raw progressive sound, this nuanced album spirals upward, accelerating through the reaches of

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Coloringbook – Candy Island

Coloringbook is San Francisco Bay Area Argentinian-American experimental producer Nicholas Gathany (AKA Zyzzybalubah) bushwhacking through the wilds of a musical multiverse, confined by no genre or time. Candy Island is

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