Organic Soup – Old Timers

Australian label UP Records presents the latest release from Organic Soup (Ariel Oshansky), an artist based in the Middle Eastern state of Israel. In a tribute to Ariel’s Goa trance roots this melodic and powerful

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Karmarama – Celestial Frequencies

Liquidseed Recordings is happy to share Celestial Frequencies, an ambient album by Karmarama (George Chondrakis), born in 1988 and now residing in Chios Island, Greece. He has been a DJ in the past and involved with

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Fighting Shadows – Time For A Sigh

ADN Music is happy to introduce Fighting Shadows and his debut release, Time For A Sigh. Karim started mixing psytrance in 1994 in France and soon after moved to producing drum ‘n bass for years. He returned to

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Meerkat – The Ego’s Nest

Meerkat returns to the Jaira Records stable with his latest offering: The Ego’s Nest. This 4 track release shows an evolution in production and further deepening of his sound, whilst retaining the original flare

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Lumiax – Hexagon

Here comes the debut release of Lumiax on Sun Department Records! Hexagon is a 4-track release with a cruising speed of 145 to 148 BPM. This is a driving sound for the dark hours on the dance floor. Behind this project

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Inner Holographic Reality

The personal hologram is the spacious inner stage for what a person is experiencing in the eternal here-and-now. It is our individuated outpost of consciousness, our mysterious matrix of awareness, that is plugged into

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Neon – Emergence

Emergence is a process where randomness can give rise to complex and deeply attractive, orderly structures, and events that can’t be predicted or explained on the basis of previous terms. Emergence is also the

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Samana Records is delighted to present this mixed bag of world music, chill out, downtempo, ethnic fusion, jazz, and ambient creations. As an “easy listening” compilation perfect for day or night,

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Priapizzm – Hyakki Yagyō! Volume One

Irori Music are proud to present our second EP: Hyakki Yagyō! Volume One, the first in a series featuring collaborations between Priapizzm and a collection of very talented artists from around the world. Each track

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Wald Geist – Naked & Stoned

With his joyous combination of minimal arrangements and maximal craziness, Wald Geist is the newest addition to the WDG Music artist roster. Here on Naked & Stoned this talented and promising newcomer has prepared a

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