Dimensional Gateway 4: Veil Of The Moon

This new chapter in the Dimensional Gateway series, Veil Of The Moon, ritualizes the annular Solar Eclipse wth Goa trance over three different stages, making for the most fitting soundtrack to this event. Even though it

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Code Therapy – Inner Space Communications

Techgnosis Records is very proud to present the debut full-length album from Portugal-based duo Code Therapy. Inner Space Communications is a memorable journey into classic progressive trance aesthetics, complete with

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Cosmic Touch – Shanti Path

Following a string of well-received releases in 2016, Finnish producer Cosmic Touch (Nico Kumpulainen) presents Shanti Path, a sonic expedition into the world of sacred mantras fused with glitchy psychedelic bass music.

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Audio Poppers

Trance Bum Productions is back with Audio Poppers, another dose of the freshest mind-bending freestyle psychedelic tunes. Musical boundaries are broken and all morals go down the toilet with this unorthodox assortment

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Flembaz – Coice & Foice

Coice & Foice is the fourth studio album from the Portuguese duo Flembaz. Conceptually this is a continuation of the journey that began in 2014 with the release of the widely acclaimed Tripalle. Here we find

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Tribal Yaohu – União

Produced by Tribal Yaohu (Ricardo Gütz), a psychedelic trance project from Santa Catarina, Brazil, União steams and simmers with the divine energy of the jungle. In the words of the artist: Union is

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Frantic Meditation

Badgers Records is proud to present you with a new form of meditation, Frantic Meditation, the one that only lunatics could perform… until now! But this one, you cannot achieve with the lotus

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Cosmogonía – Genesis

Vacuum Music presents Genesis, a hyperkinetic new release from Mexican producer Cosmogonía (David Israel Lechuga Franco) made with love and passion for sound design and music. The style is hi-tech, tearing a hole

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D Noir Records is ready to present its new compilation, simply named Bootlegs. A “bootleg” generally indicates an audio or video recording of a performance, made in an amateur or professional form, and

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Best of World People

World People Production, a pioneering psytrance record label from France, set sail from the French coast around 2007. Since then the label along with its crew of talented pirates have been successfully blasting dance

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