Waking Dreams

Compiled by Légolize from Voodoo Hoodoo Records and AchilleSehne from Visionary Shamanic Records, Waking Dreams is the first compilation from Dream Crew Records, a new label based in Morocco focused on exposing

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Midiride & Liquid Space – Luminous

Sun Department Records is proud to announce the release of Luminous from Midiride & Liquid Space. This release features three pumping progressive psytrance tracks. With the remix of Inner State’s

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Rose Red Flechette – Inutilis

From the abyssal noise devouring the psychedelic wailing of “Sentient Scourge” to the whiplash-inducing beats of “Weaponize”, the rule-breaking, ambitious Inutilis continues to build on Rose Red

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CeZZers – Ctrl + X

Ctrl + X is driving, upbeat, and sets an ideal vibe for peak time psychedelic dance floors. Each track is playful, seductive, and psychedelic, with mind-bending textures and rhythms and unique melodic atmospheres and

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Open Source – Highly Motivated To Rock You

Open Source returns to Ghost Label Records with his latest full-length offering, and he is Highly Motivated To Rock You! As before, the style is a chunky and emotive blend of progressive psytrance full of snappy bass

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Birmingham outfit Tribal Sphere Records are excited to introduce Microscopic, their bostin’ debut compilation album showcasing the Tribe’s finest spin masters and guest artists. Our electro-acoustic

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Risingson – Predestination

Welcome to Predestination, the debut release from Risingson, also known as Ohmar, a truly promising artist now entering the psychedelic bass music scene with help from Digital Whomp. Whether making it heavy with the

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Pororoca – Opposite Orchestra

Pororoca is an experimental downtempo project fusing the talents of Eremit (Jan Kurzmann) and GastraxX (Timo Neff). The name of the project is rooted in the indigenous Tupi language, where it describes a big tidal wave

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Bogtrotter – Immersion

BogTroTTeR’s new full length album Immersion offers a different take on his distinct sound. Each track on his latest, the fourth release from BogTroTTeR on Ektoplazm, showcases the many psychedelic sides of

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Narcose – Panda Eyes

Mystic Sound Records proudly presents Panda Eyes, the full-length debut album from U.K.-based Narcose (Graham Roberts). If Hayao Miyazaki produced a movie with Terry Gilliam and George Lucas, Oskar “Panda

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