PsySutra – Nebulla Cebulla

Following up on the release of his debut album Gamma Phoenicis on Cronomi Records back in the summer of 2014, Łukasz Wiącek returns with his PsySutra project and a new 4-track release, Nebulla Cebulla, on

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From This World To The Next

Backflip Records proudly brings you From This World To The Next, a deep ritual voyage featuring music from Italy, Costa Rica, Brazil, India, and Germany. These nine tracks will take you on a heavy ride through

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Wakhan – Mystical Encounter With Yourself

Liquid Seed Recordings presents Mystical Encounter With Yourself, a full album by Wakhan, a project formed deep within the consciousness of Alejandro Pantoja (AKA Panto), a Bolivian producer based in Spain. This music

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Groot – Grootesque

2TO6 Records is proud to present Grootesque, another musical gift for all 2TO6 Records followers. Wandering through the cosmos with the powerful warp drive of psytrance to find a habitable planet, sharing some of his

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Negans – Danse Macabre

Negans’ sobriquet is Latin for “denying”. His music is a blend of proto-Goa trance sonic blasts, saturated with eclectic psychedelic grooves inspired by early ’90s Goa sound, with slices of

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Tactyl – E=MCfreak

After years of developing and producing melodies for faster dance music San and Tac are proud to finally introduce Tactyl, a novel approach to their oceanic vibe. Here you will find a finely tuned sound influenced by

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RuffBeatz: Escape Reality Vol. 1

RuffBeatz Entertainment brings forth on of the most mind-blowing compilations of the millennia with Escape Reality Vol. 1. An astronomical adventure awaits! Stars from all corners of the universe have been sent on a

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Ultimate Xperience – Lazarus Rising

Neogoa Records is proud to present the long-awaited new Ultimate Xperience (UX) release Lazarus Rising featuring new productions by this legendary psychedelic trance act. This conceptual mini-album is the introduction

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