Cryomatter – Cryomatter

Veteran sci-fi music producers Cybernetika (Lars Goossens) and Xenofish (Christian Becker), both from Germany, hereby introduce their collaborative project, Cryomatter, with a self-titled debut album from Ektoplazm.

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Spruce – Bazel

Bazel explores an exotic world, a realm where space and time ceased to exist. As if the thoughts and ramblings of a deity were elegantly arranged and suddenly splattered onto an auditory canvas, the psychedelic

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Ajnia – Oasis

Spanish ambient artist Ajnia returns with Oasis This time around he proposes another trip to our interior: a crossing of the dunes through atypical harmonies and enveloping atmospheres, to be carried away. All tracks

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Crysodroll – Modicum Noise

Crysodroll returns with a new rumbling addition to the WDG Music library. On Modicum Noise he fuses four remarkably powerful tracks of marvelous intensity with his already known grinding take on modern progressive

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Praktika – Playing The Presets

Playing The Presets is the long-lost debut album of Finnish Goa/psy dub band Praktika (Heba & Ripa). The group formed during the recording sessions for Sörkkä Sonic, a collaborative album released in 1996

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Dusk Till Dawn Vol. 2

After the success of the first Dusk Till Dawn compilation Jaira Records is back with another mind-blowing collection of progressive psytrance gems. Compiled by Andrey Mir, this time the focus is on the tumultuous

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Luis M – Basslien

Basslien marks the debut of Portuguese producer Luis M on Digital Diamonds, German purveyors of the finest in psychedelic techno. This man knows how to combine smooth rolling bass lines with excellent psychedelic

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San and Tac – Chasing Urmahlullu

Sangoma Records brings you another release, this time from San and Tac, a production team from the island of New Caledonia in the South Pacific. Tristan Guillaume (San) and his mischievous imaginary monkey friend Tac

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