Psychedelic Techno Vol. 3

Horns & Hoofs Entertainment is an independent label established in 2002 by the people behind Boshke Beats Records. With more than 80 releases in digital and CD format, this cutting-edge label unites talented artists

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Kronus – Own Nature

Tarapita Sounds presents Own Nature, the debut album from a talented young Brazilian artist, Kronus. These carefully crafted dark and minimal progressive sounds are inspired by the rainforests of Amazon. Let yourself

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Midiride & Liquid Space – Expressure

Expressure is a wonderful collaboration between Midiride and Liquid Space, professional psytrance creators from Stuttgart in Germany releasing with Sun Department Records. “Schall und Rauch” is an

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GreatOwl – Texiopaxoui

Texiopaxoui is the debut downtempo release from Denver-area producer GreatOwl. Dedicated to all sentient beings, Texiopaxoui contains organic dreamscapes and grooves invoking the forests and streams of the Rocky

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Shantifax – La Terra Respira

SarnarSchourt Records presents La Terra Respira, the fourth album from Shantifax, a multi-genre producer based in the Italian Alps. This album is a deep and spacey journey dedicated to Mother Earth. Again Shantifax

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Hongos Longos – Grovenz Frofenz

Grovez Frofenz is the fifth album by Brazilian multi-instrumentalist Jonas Cout and his second under the nickname Hongos Longos. After experimenting with main floor beats in his previous release, Jonas revisits the

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Supersillyus – Charade

An alluring road unfurls before you. It is vibrant and gravity-defying, filled with oddities not commonly seen by a typical human being. In the distance, you can spot a man, perched aside the pavement. This man,

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Flembaz – Aquele

The psychedelic techno tour-de-force that is Flembaz returns to Techgnosis Records in top form. Aquele is a masterfully-crafted 4-track original EP that epitomizes the Flembaz sound, merging bouncy, groove-driven

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Open Source – Indian Calling

GL Records presents Open Source‘s 8th studio album Indian Calling. The album calls for unification of most psytrance styles as behind lies the comprehensive talent of Open Source to create all kinds of rhythms.

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Dancing To Cicadas

Dancing To Cicadas is a carefully chosen collection of tracks with deep sounds and a real psychedelic feeling which will create euphoria on the dance floor. The name is inspired by a moment spent listening to the sounds

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