Melting Waves

ADN Music is happy to introduce their second compilation, Melting Waves, a trip through contemporary psychedelic and progressive techno. From Australia to Canada, passing by Europe, our DJ Raem selected ten tracks from

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Hakkah – Follow The Synchronicities

Follow The Synchronicities is the fourth album released by French producer Hakkah (Alexandre Brangier). Continuing to explore different psychedelic music styles, he turned this time to ambient music, deep trance, and

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Cyclome – Oniric Discordance

ADN Music is proud to present the first solo release by Cyclome from Grenoble, France. Oniric Discordance represents the development of his own approach to night-time psychedelic trance. It tells us the epic story of an

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Ajnia – Elements

Ajnia is the ambient and downtempo project of Javier Gomez (AKA elpirri), an artist based in Madrid, Spain. His last work is an emotional review to the ancestral Elements that make life possible on the planet. Even

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Shinjibomb – Shinjibomb

Andrew Jones’ (U.K.) self-titled first full release as Shinjibomb shows an evolution in style since his first releases on the much loved Into This Wired Abyss compilations. The music on show here blends his love

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Sin In The Suburbs

Sin In The Suburbs is the project that almost saw the end of South African artist Infernal Droid. Emaciated and driven by hunger, tea, and large volumes of psychoactive plants, Infernal Droid attempted to create an epic

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Søren Nordström – Syndicated

Canadian techno producer Søren Nordström reworks several transmissions from Syndicate here on Syndicated, a new release from Drumlore. Expect deep, driving, hypnotic, industrial-influenced and minimal techno

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Dike Disko – Hot Pursuit

Ukrainian newcomer Dike Disko makes an impressive debut on Drumlore with Hot Pursuit, an interesting collection of moody and minimal tech house and techno. This release makes use of deep, electro-esque bass lines and

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Primal Mind

Our Minds Music proudly present Primal Mind, our first ever compilation album. We dedicate this album to the true native tribe of Southern Africa, the Koi San, which also forms the basis of our visual theme of the

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Hans Dunkelkammer – Usual Monkey Habits

Usual Monkey Habits is the second installment of Hans Dunkelkammer on Glitchy.Tonic.Records, Germany. With more than 60 minutes of playtime Hans serves up individualistic sound spectra crossing the boundaries between

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