Sionnach – Hyper Blaster

Sionnach returns to the fold with his second release, Hyper Blaster. After exploring the sounds of the forest with his first album, Digital Forest, this new venture explores a novel fusion of twilight and hi-tech

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Ektoplazm update: summer 2016

Hello everyone! I hope everyone out there is having a great summer in the northern hemisphere—and a fine winter down south. It’s time for another update of what’s going on behind the scenes here at

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Numatica – Cascade

Cascade is the latest work by Numatica, a psy dub and downtempo producer based in Australia. Following on from his two previously released albums these four tracks contain all the trademark Numatica sounds plus more to

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Gumnut – Nuts And Bolts

Kinematic Records is very excited to announce the debut release from an exciting new talent from Sydney, Australia: Gumnut! This first release, entitled Nuts and Bolts, is a terrific introduction to the sound-brain of

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Veasna – Energy

Energy is the debut album from German Goa trance producer and artist Veasna (Patrick Dinklage). He made his initial appearance on the Celestial Transvibrations compilation from Neogoa in late 2014. During the last two

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Vimanna – Ahau Kukulkan

Vimanna, a progressive psytrance project from Brazil, returns with Ahau Kukulkan, a fresh collection of four deeply psychedelic tunes on Underground Base Records. The title comes to us from Mayan mythology and the

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GoaD – Galactic Aviator

After a short break Neogoa Records returns with a new high-octane release for all lovers of old school and acidic Goa trance music. Galactic Aviator is the debut release by GoaD (Anders Munk) from Denmark and another

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Seeds Of Hope

The only thing stronger than fear is hope! Let us be the generaton that will not just bear this life but change the whole world! From today we plant the seeds of tomorrow, the Seeds Of Hope! Compiled by Horaproject with

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Dibold – Magic Of Darkness

Magic Of Darkness is the fourth release from Psyalaska Tribe, a Slovakian collective consisting of organizers, DJs, producers, and deco artists with a history going back to 2001. This time around we hear from Dibold

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