Dead Can Trance – Ha

Badgers Records proudly present Ha, the first release from Dead Can Trance, introducing a new style “Newtech” which combines mind-blowing psytrance and hi-tech music! Enjoy high-speed psytrance and be blown

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Abyssus Habitus

Abyssus Habitus is the third compilation of from Czech psytrance label Luk-Si Records. Compiled by DJ Newteck from the north part of the country, this compilation gathers the talents of space shamans from both the

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Alic – Ostkreuz

German netlabel Digital Diamonds returns with the free release of Ostkreuz by label bosses Alic. The title track is a grimy piece of psychedelic techno with considerable attention to detail as expected from these scene

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RuffBeatz: Get Mushy 2

Australia-based RuffBeatz Entertainment returns in 2016 to present the second edition of Get Mushy, a fusion of different styles of psytrance showcasing talented producers from around Australia and abroad. A tasteful

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Pote 1

Pote 1 is the first compilation from Portuguese label Blind Arc. Featuring up-and-coming artists alongside more established producers, this release is mainly focused on hypnotic techno and progressive sounds with a

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Sixis & Expedizion – Awakening World Remixes

Enter the multidimensional dream space that is Awakening World Remixes. Progressing from the tranquil path first forged by bass adventurers Sixis and Expedizion, these sensuous pieces of mesmerizing downtempo, primal

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Microtech – Space Patrol

Microtech is a new project representing the more twisted side of Mindplex, already known from his many progressive psytrance releases on WDG Music. Here he strikes again with Space Patrol, three new mind-boggling tracks

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MNGRM – Voyager

Over the past year, Portugal-based duo MNGRM have been blasting their distinct brand of psychedelic techno-trance fusion in clubs and at parties across Portugal to great acclaim. Techgnosis Records is very proud to

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Shivaxi & Xenofish – No Turning Back

Shivaxi joins forces with Xenofish to bring you No Turning Back, an independent release mixing drum ‘n bass rhythms with the synthetic sounds of psychedelic trance. Shivaxi comes from more of a drum ‘n bass

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Blue Phoenix – Conquest Of Light

Conquest Of Light is the third album released by American producer Blue Phoenix. This album represents the inner struggle within us between the dark and the light. Follow along on a journey, exploring both sides of this

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