Cascades Of Life, one of the oldest and biggest Goa and psytrance sites in the world, is proud to present Cascades Of Life, the culmination of their latest contest. Submitted and voted by the community, this compilation

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False Identity – The Pond Where I Belong

The Beats Bizarre is proud to present The Pond Where I Belong, the epic debut album from False Identity. Building upon the amazing Community Of Me (2014), this music weaves the tale of an uprooted gnome on a quest to

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Groove Addicted

Sun Station presents immersive journey into the bizarre realms of high-energy night-time psychedelic trance. Nine of the finest tunes was hand picked by Groove Hunter from an international team of artists. Be prepared

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LuneCell – Cylon Lounge

LuneCell is one of the few artists in the contemporary psychedelic scene continually pushing new boundaries in his production repertoire. Cylon Lounge encompasses a faster yet deeper end of the spectrum of psychedelic

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Sound Addicted – Our Souls Are Hungry For Light

Liquidseed Free Netlabel celebrate their 25th free release with a truly special album, Our Souls Are Hungry For Light, by Sound Addicted (Dionisis Kourakos) from Greece. After releasing his debut, In Between Days, on

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Wako-Delic – Cartoons Jam

UP Records presents something fresh for your ears! Wako-Delic return with their new release, Cartoons Jam, a mix of fantasy and reality in full-on melodic psytrance form. Wako-Delic consists of experienced producers

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Bowlba Records is very proud to introduce Qube, a fresh compilation showcasing the talents of many of the fabulous artists who, over the years, were part of the adventures of the eponymous Qube, an intimate gathering

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Praheya – Galactic Human

The third release from Praheya to land on Ektoplazm contains a channeled message to humanity from Mother Earth. A Galactic Human is the fully awakened being who has mastered the lower planes of existence and is ready to

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Hive Mind Volume One

Drumlore stretches out into new musical territory with Hive Mind Volume One compiled by Søren Nordström. Featuring fresh faces alongside veteran producers, this compilation captures the diversity of modern

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