MoDem Festival Vol. 4

Greetings to all our demented friends and family far and wide. We are very proud to present the next installment of the MoDem Festival compilation series, primed and packed full of psychedelic goodness. A fresh bunch of

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Munstrous – Alpha

Munstrous is another one of Robert Hundt’s projects. Chances are high that you have also heard the German producer as Radioactive.Cake, Zeitgeist, or Dark Passenger before. Alpha is the second installment of the

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Phillax – Spooky Disco

Vertigo Records presents Spooky Disco from our latest discovery, the extremely original and talented artist Phillax. Based in London, Phil Austerberry is one of those rare producers who knows how to develop intriguing

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Shamanizm Parallelii – Tales From Colored Tepee

Ae Records and Neogoa Records join forces once again to deliver and present another unique downtempo and psychedelic chill out album by our long-time contributors and friends, Shamanizm Parallelii from Russian Far East.

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Filt – Black Roots

Here we have another fine release from Danish producer Filt and German netlabel collective Glitchy.Tonic.Records. Put on Black Roots and it will take you to a dark, foresty, gnarly, wicked place, full of quirky

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Urban Impact

Born in the filthy city and raised in the parties of the underground, our beloved music has changed. Psychedelic music has become harder, dirtier, heavier, and faster. And that’s the way we like it! Badgers

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