Crennwiick – Old Vicious Remixes

Old Vicious Remixes gathers up several remixes to a Crennwiick track originally featured on the Digital Family Vol. 4 compilation from the esteemed German techno-trance netlabel, Digital Diamonds. Here we find a smooth

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Reflection – The Forest Riddle

Reflection returns once again with his unique form of night-time psychedelic music, breaking the rules to push the boundaries of the psytrance scene. The Forest Riddle is a story about a lost soul trying to find

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Søren Nordström – Syndicate

Drumlore is proud to present Syndicate, the follow-up to producer Søren Nordström‘s Deep State. What are these strange transmissions from this secretive organization? Expect a hypnotic, mysterious, and

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Progus – Deep Mode

Progus is Yosef Amirov, a Russian producer established in Israel and dedicated to the psychedelic techno scene and genre. He has been a strong member of the Horns & Hoofs family for a long time, and now presents his

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Lectro Spektral Daze – Full Fractal Vision

New Zealand-based Lectro Spektral Daze returns to Neogoa Records, this time to present his new album, Full Fractal Vision. The man behind this project, Danny Marshall, is a hard-working guy who always delivers something

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Enigma – Unknown Depths

Enigma, which is the brainchild of Brazilian producer Michel Naous, made his debut Unknown Depths a contrast between depth and bouncy fun, a minimalistic approach combined with sometimes rhythmic parts and sometimes

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Man Of No Ego – Blinkers Removed

Man Of No Ego is a music producer based in Sofia, Bulgaria, who focuses on sharing knowledge through music. Blinkers Removed is his second album, also produced with 432 hz tuning featuring sampled speech from Acharya

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Alic – Last Man Standing

Alic is back with some very serious and smart melodic techno on Last Man Standing, the latest from advanced audio netlabel Digital Diamonds from Germany. Aside from two killer A-sides thie release features a fresh

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Interstellar Immigration

Triptec Records is back with a fresh sonic delivery, Interstellar Immigration, compiled by Estonian producer Keluk. This collection takes us back to the future, when the interstellar tribes were gathering on Earth to

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Spundose – A Sacred Space

Spundose‘s debut full-length album A Sacred Space permeates all dimensions of sound; featuring glitch-hop, breakbeat, downtempo, progressive, and more. This album sparks a journey through psychedelic minced

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