Progressive Landscapes 2

More than one year after the first chapter, WDG-Music proudly presents Progressive Landscapes 2, a fresh collection of progressive psytrance tunes compiled by label head Hirnlego. After a long period of work, connecting

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Planet B – MIDIval Tourist

Planet B (Tomasz Pospiech) from Toronto, Canada, explores his European roots with the full-length release of MIDIval Tourist, the follow-up to last year’s Omboclat. Another spin around the sun brings new

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GoAtma – Sword In The Darkness

There is no better way to end successful and highly productive year for Neogoa Records than with the new discovery of our latest artist coming from Israel, GoAtma. This project was founded by Eylon Kadish, a young and

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Like Liquid – Gryphon

Like Liquid is the budding, ballsy tech/minimal project of established Australian producer Hugo Hayes (AKA Purple Hayes), fusing elements of Brazilian techno, deep progressive, bass house, and electro into an Aussie

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Welovebass – Krystal Kalimba

Welovebass are Luís Marques and Maria Isaura, a couple from Porto, Portugal, focused on live analog music performance. Krystal Kalimba, released by Blind Arc, is their debut release, exploring new boundaries in

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Creatures Of Carnival

Welcome to the weird and trippy world of the Creatures Of Carnival, a new compilation by Yogh and Draghul presented by Amaya Productions. Lay back, take a deep breath, and dive into a twisted, colorful, and dripping

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Roswell – Some Sort Of Creature

Glitchy.Tonic.Records returns with a deep monster from Roswell, Some Sort Of Creature. Here the artist shows a forceful style that will shake any night-time dance floor with sinuous atmospheres and rolling bass lines.

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Triforce – Ancients Part II: Recreations

Bassic Records is proud to present, their tenth EP release, a revival of their first; Triforce’s Ancients Part II: Recreations. From all corners of the earth Bassic Records artists have taken a track from the

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Mantra Flow – Strange Material

Strange Material has been cooking deep within the plains of Jutland in Denmark, home of Mantra Flow (Kristian G.), who has been touring Europe with his live act for many years now. After many smaller releases and

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Cosmic Sadhu – Interference

Cosmic Sadhu returns after the release of Lost Trace with Interference, a new collection of darkpsy compositions from Lithuania. In combination with Goa influences these underground experiments provide nice, shiny

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