The Forgotten Ones

The Forgotten Ones is the first release from Juicy Noise Records to be distributed by Ektoplazm. This upcoming label is based in Berlin, Germany, and this compilation showcases some of their finest tracks from previous

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Mindex – The Flavor

Steeped in contemporary sound design and clever melody, the latest release from Russia’s Mindex is quite a funky one. The Flavor lives up to it’s name, with tasty bass comprising the main course seasoned

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GoldenFinger – F1nd One

UP Records is very proud to present F1nd One, a timeless fast-paced melodic journey by Etay Avarham AKA The Freak Show of Israel under his uplifting Goa trance alias GoldenFinger. With his many years of experience with

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Xenofish – 2015

Xenofish returns to Ektoplazm with his sixth album, 2015, focusing more on thick psychedelic atmospheres than in previous efforts. This album is a diverse compilation of selected tunes from the year 2015 featuring some

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Mechanical Madness

HorsePower Productions returns with Mechanical Madness, a fresh collection of high-energy psytrance, this time compiled by German producer and DJ Shakyyy! This release serves up intense non-stop vibrations carefully

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Mahamudra – ScreenSaver

UP Records has something special from the vault to present: ScreenSaver, an outstanding adventure to accompany the return of the esteemed Mahamudra. Based in Israel, Mahamudra is the team of Eyal Cohen, Ran Malka, and

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Jeremy’s Aura – Stop What You’re Doing

Jeremy’s Aura returns to Maia Brasil Records and Omnitropic with his second full-length album, Stop What You’re Doing. For Jeremy, this album came about as a direct response to some very unpleasant

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Ender – Clarity Of Vision

UP Records presents Clarity Of Vision, a fresh collection of sounds from the shores of Australia by Ender, the morning progressive psytrance project of Jesse Sugden from Melbourne, Victoria. The project is amplified by

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Fraktal Invasion – Cold Nights

Cold Nights is the debut release from Fraktal Invasion, the downtempo and deep trance side project of Utkarsh, a psytrance DJ and producer hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is here to take you on a journey

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Pentatonica – Mars Is Not Red

Here is the very mysterious story of a lost manned mission to Mars in the near future as told through the medium of electronic music. Mars Is Not Red is the first ever release of Pentatonica to be distributed by

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