Ajnia – Abstracts

Abstracts is the second work from Ajnia, this time dedicated to 20th century abstract artists after the recent release of El Viaje Del Alkimista. Lyrical abstraction was the beginning of a new way of seeing and feeling

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Fritzopritzo – The Alien Meeting

The Alien Meeting is the first release from Swedish producer Fritzopritzo. The journey begins on earth with a native tribal feel before heading off into deep dark space along with some organic and mechanical elements.

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Seven Strategy – Sampling Singularity

Relative Records and Seven Strategy bring us deep, dark, technoid rhythms from Buenos Aires, Argentina, with Sampling Singularity. The tempos are running high and the artist immerses us in widely-spaced psychedelic

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Eartheogen – Schumann Resonance

Universal Tribe Records presents Schumann Resonance, the debut release from Eartheogen (Phil Patrick), a psytrance project from New Zealand. The groovy, earthy, playful, and often eerie vibe of his multi-layered sound

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Faxi Nadu – Perfectly Flawed

Sun Station is proud to present Perfectly Flawed, the return of Faxi Nadu. What do we have here? A melodic and hypnotic first person role playing album! You play as Faxi Nadu, a hero who is unsure if he is fighting

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Tara Putra – Driven By Dub

Purple Hexagon Records is happy to unchain Driven By Dub, the latest deep dub odyssey by German producer Tara Putra. Following up on 2012’s In Dubland, this album is written in a warm dub-wise style that will help

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Ohm Mind – Birds Will Go To Heaven

Birds Will Go To Heaven is the debut album release from Belgian project Ohm Mind (Jérémy Cambon) on Neogoa Records. The label has already released a lot of new and exciting music this year but

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Flowertz – Kumbhaka

Italian downtempo and ethno-psychedelic chill out producer Flowertz (Gianpiero Fiorelli) returns with Kumbhaka, a mix of spiritual moments, sunny vibes, and imaginary soundscapes. Difficult to define but easy to

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Cosmic Cake

Uncomfortable Beats proudly drop their latest compilation, Cosmic Cake, into earth orbit. This synth-riddled, intergalactic mission charts a course through 17 different electronic compositions by talented music

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Psyonysus – Unity

Unity the debut album from producer Psyonysus based in Jersey, U.K. Featured here is a journey of melodic soundscapes, moving through driving progressive grooves into something more psychedelic and full-on before

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