Ñutram Kalku – Ancestral Vortex

Egregor Music is happy to announce their third release, Ancestral Vortex, the long-awaited debut mini-album from Argentinian audio wizard Ñutram Kalku. Consisting of five sound vortices meticulously designed in

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Compiled by Tauatara and Kikx, Chillheadz is the first collaboration between Trimurti Records and Purple Hexagon Records. This diverse compilation vibrates at unique frequencies with each track creating a distinct echo

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Zer – Dronasines

Zer is the solo project of Miguel Navarrete, a talented and hard-working youngster from the Sonora Desert, Mexico. His journey into psychedelics started in the early years of 2008 where he started playing DJ sets

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Faxi Nadu – Doric Prime

Doric Prime is a deeply introspective journey from Faxi Nadu expressed through minimal and mysterious post-techno soundscapes. Somnambulant and melancholic, this album unfolds with geometric precision to manifest truth

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Beyond The Trinocular Parallax

Flipkompagniet proudly presents Beyond The Trinocular Parallax, the debut compilation from the Copenhagen-based music collective. These four musicians have been brought together by a shared love for the full spectrum of

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Terraforming is the debut compilation from Future Tribe Office, a psytrance label from Athens, Greece. Originally released in 2013, this collection of groovy dance floor tools includes selections from well-known artists

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Seiryu – Triptychon

Liquid Seed Recordings returns to bring you Triptychon by Seiryu, a progressive psytrance producer from Tomares, Spain, highly influenced by the classic Scandinavian style and Detroit techno. This release shows a unique

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Dream Park – DP

DP is the first album by Dream Park (Patrick Bernet), a producer from Syracuse, New York, on Yarn Audio, a netlabel based in Berlin. He found electronic music by way of Plug’s Drum ‘n’ Bass for Papa

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Chilling Dragon Tales

The next chapter in the Forestdelic Records story takes a slower pace. This collage of various artists has been gathered from every corner of the globe, each song representing a different mood of contemporary chill out

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Australiacs Vol. 1

Australiacs Vol. 1 marks the debut of Australiacs Records, an all-Australian line-up of darkpsy, hi-tech, and psycore mind-blasters featuring the likes of Satori, Kireesh, and Dr.Quinni. Dive into a new wave of high

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