Expedizion – Defragmentation

Expedizion‘s first full-fledged release with Triple Drop Productions, Defragmentation, is a stunning auditory extravaganza. Submerge yourself in downtempo psychedelic dub with a character like no other. Taking

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Juelz & Hirnlego – Minima Moralia (The Remixes)

WDG-Music, a young crew and label based in Northern Germany, brings an entire album of remixes based on the title track of Juelz & Hirnlego’s first release on Parasomnia Music, Minima Moralia, in 2014.

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Silicon Slave – Me vs You

Silicon Slave (Augustus Walker) returns to Ektoplazm with Me vs You, his fourth release of sonic shenanigans. Its sneaky soundscapes and intricate melodies will take you on an exploration of humanity’s darker

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Asteroids and Earthquakes – Dreamland Security

After making the move from Boston to Los Angeles to pursue his career in music and sound design, Asteroids and Earthquakes has been quickly finding a place for himself in the welcoming warmth of California. Dreamland

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Ektoplazm update: summer 2015

Hello all, and welcome to another periodic update about all the things going on behind the scenes here at Ektoplazm! My winter sojourn in Taiwan was highly productive and the redevelopment process is nearing the point

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Ladon Of Hesperides

This summer Ladon has awakened once again to guard the blooming golden fruits in the Garden of Hesperides. If you get past him you’ll be able to taste our carefully selected golden tracks and fill your mind with

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Loopmoon – Celestial Mechanics

Celestial Mechanics is the eagerly anticipated debut of Balearic producer Loopmoon (Oscar Rodríguez Rico). Going back to the roots of chill and downtempo sounds, these spiritual and psychedelic voyages offer a

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Shades Of Light

Future Tribe Office presents their second compilation, Shades Of Light. Compiled by DJ Dolphin and Kontrast, it features a tasty selection of fresh groovy dance floor tools from Greece, Hungary, and the United Kingdom.

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Futurum Sonat – Psychedelic Sandpit

Psycana Records is proud to present Psychedelic Sandpit, the debut release from Futurum Sonat, a talented young producer from Austria. This rowdy collection of full-on songs is a teaser of Futurum Sonat’s

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Gurgamesh – Droplets Of The Divine

HorsePower Production is back with Droplets Of The Divine, a new release by Gurgamesh from the deepest reaches of the Swedish woods. This is dreamy, pure, and dark night-time forest music at peak intensity. Mastering by

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