Digital Family Vol. 5

For many years the Digital Family compilation series has been the most important output from Digital Diamonds, a trailblazing netlabel from Germany. Compiled by label founders Alic, Digital Family Vol. 5 unites artists

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Sonopictorial – Macrosketching

Macrosketching is the debut album from Мах Sonopictorial, a Latvian producer now based in Berlin. After several years of releasing minimal, tech house, and nu-disco under different monikers on labels

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Therange Freak In Dub – Cosmic Transformation

Therange Freak is back on the scene but this time with his “In Dub” project, an attempt at conveying experimentations in different realms of sound. Cosmic Transformation brings us a smooth fusion of

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Prematron – Nexus

Soundkraft Records presents Nexus, a new collection of songs by Bangalore producer Prematron. This is the label’s first psychedelic release of 2015 and one of many to come. Nexus features three tracks designed to

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Room Nine Unlimited – The Temple Out Of Tempo

Lab Room Unlimited presents The Temple Out Of Tempo, a new concept album by Room Nine Unlimited (Paulo Fernandes AKA Sacred Sound System) from the mountains of Portugal. Fernandes believes, more than anything, in being

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Kaya Seneman – Cosmic Traveller

Tantra Music is proud to present Cosmic Traveller, the debut release by Kaya Seneman, a young producer from Grenoble, France. His musical universe is based on cosmic atmospheres with expansive effects and groovy tribal

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Inner Fhorse Chapter II

After the success of Inner Fhorse Chapter I HorsePower Productions returns with Inner Fhorse Chapter II, a fresh compilation packed with 21 carefully selected night-time bangers by veteran and novice producers from all

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Ark-E-Tech – Crystaleyez

Crystaleyez by Australian producer Ark-E-Tech (Jojo Marino) is a picturesque journey of sound and movement, charting a course through deep grooves and emotive melodies with the benefit of horns, guitars, and floating

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The World Beyond

The World Beyond is a new concept release from Neogoa featuring four songs by eight musicians, all of whom have previously appeared on releases from the label. In the making for the better part of the last year, this

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Vythica – Død Kalm

Død Kalm is an auditory exploration of Scandinavian folk tales by Vythica, a mysterious artist from the far northern realms. This exploration takes place in the domain of deep, dark, and minimal techno with

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