Digitnick – Virtualizer

Liquidseed presents its first underground psytrance release of 2015, welcoming Digitnick to the fold with Virtualizer. Hailing from Greece, this artist provides an unexpected trip into pure psytrance full of colour and

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Sacred Sound Temple 3

Sacred Sound Temple 3 is the final chapter in a trilogy of free compilations commemorating five years of Active Meditation Music. Compiled by Demoniac Insomniac, this release is a gift to all the fans who have supported

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Krosis – Profane Geometry

Woo-Dog Recordings is happy to bring you Profane Geometry, the hard-hitting digital debut of Krosis, a psytrance producer from Bristol, U.K., who has already built a solid local following. This release is designed to

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ROB-O-TEK – Rob-O-Dub

ROB-O-TEK is back on Digital Whomp with his best work to date! This Mexican producer tells some wonderful stories through trippy sounds and epic compositions. Always beginning with an enchanting and organic

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Nocturnal – Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision is the follow-up to Nocturnal’s well-received eponymous debut, also released by ESF Records, Australia. Improving on his production and arrangement skills, Nocturnal will take you on a journey from

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First Aid 4 Souls – Back To Shambala

After the positive feedback of his last studio album, Navigator (2013), First Aid 4 Souls (Istvan Gazdag) returns to Ektoplazm with a new compendium of psychedelic steampunk sounds: Back To Shambala. With deep roots in

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Unfug – Get Up To Mischief

German darkpsy label Scared Evil Records and Swedish random label HorsePower Productions join forces to present Get Up To Mischief, the debut release of German darkpsy producer Unfug. His style is dreamy yet dark and

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Smoke Sign – Reincarnate

Reincarnate is the debut album from Smoke Sign, a Zenon Records artist based in Portland, Oregon. Known for lush natural atmospheres, deep tribal percussion, and captivating vocals, Smoke Sign’s style is a

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Interconnekted – Cyclic Journeys

Cyclic Journeys marks another chapter in the experimental psytrance story told by Interconnekted, a veteran artist from Malta. Here the sound works its way toward a beautiful sunrise where sound and vision become one.

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Morbeat – Plug In

19 year-old producer Morbeat brings you his debut, Plug In, released on NJOI MUSIC. With a broad range of influences, this release fluently bridges from dark to playful to mysterious in a swirling pattern of

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