Tom Noise – Be Controlled

Be Controlled is the second release from Tom Noise, a project of Tomas Blazukas, a Lithuanian sound designer based in London, U.K. This work is a continuation of the sonic journey that many experienced through

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Neon – Transgressive

Neon returns to Pureuphoria Records with Transgressive, a new collection of boundary-crossing trance tunes filled with emotive energy. Following up on the release of Hypersonic, this set of tunes explores deeper

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Alcohbata – Outer Space

Quantum Digits Records brings you to Outer Space with this new collection of mind-expanding tunes by Alcohbata (Ricco Mazzer), a psytrance artist from the Amazonian rain forest of Brazil. Leading you through quantum

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Flembaz – Tripalle

Flembaz return to Blind Arc with the second full-length album from this Portuguese duo, Tripalle, where they further explore the sonic world they have created. This album shows João and Pedro’s new

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Kinetik Drop – Kosmic Nature

Solar Records presents Kosmic Nature, a free release from Kinetik Drop AKA Kryptik (Daniel Green) of New South Wales, Australia. Gathered here are several blasting progressive psytrance tunes with charging bass lines

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Agent K – Kneel Before Zod

Agent K is a DJ/producer based in Goa, and Kneel Before Zod is his debut. Once a cut-and-paste pro (writer/editor), he naturally gravitated towards the Goa psytrance scene in the early years of the 21st century and

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Uranium Mind – Catharsis

Universal Tribe Records is proud to present Catharsis, the debut release from Uranium Mind (Julian Jansen), an up-and-coming electronic music producer from Melbourne, Australia. Exploring the softer side of his

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Jeremy’s Aura – Being And Becoming…

Jeremy’s Aura represents but one of the musical directions of Jeremy Costa, a Montreal-based artist with a creative background in painting, sound installation, and progressive rock. Here he presents his debut

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Akara – The World Beyond

Akara is named after the Indonesian words “akar”, meaning root or vine, and “acara”, meaning ritual or performance. Akara is a symphony for the post-digital age, a mystical, ritual music, the

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Sumeria is a collection of psytrance from all tribes living on the magic island Ibiza. Compiled by Imox Maya for Sumeria Records, this energetic compilation emerged from the positive atmosphere at Ibiza psytrance

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