Continuation is extremely important when it comes to small sub-sub-genres of marginal music. Without new waves of fresh musicians the whole genre turns to homogenous circle jerk of old farts. Swampwave represents the

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Glazed Pots – Deep Vibrations

Glazed Pots is a side project of the insane Swedish darkpsy producer Romeroz (Martin Stenlundi). Pitched down to progressive tempos, his special brand of madness expands to fill the space with darkness here on Deep

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Leopardtron – Planet Corp

GloOM Music is proud to present the second release from Leopardtron, a collaboration between South African producer Danny Jaap and Spanish producer Manuel González. Following up on Galactic Royalty, released on

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Reflection – Forest Machine

Australian producer Reflection (Gibb Tartaris) returns to Maia Brasil Records with Forest Machine, a fresh collection of tunes showing off a new side to his sound inspired by his European tour. Blending forest music

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Sacral Fractal

Gliese 581C proudly presents Sacral Fractal, a new collection of soothing downtempo songs compiled after a long break from releasing. Join us for a relaxing journey into variable and chilling soundscapes including

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Phsiris – Rise Of The Pigorax

Remember Phsiris? He’s already surprised listeners with daring forays into hi-tech, psybreaks, and glitch—and now he’s back with a collection of tweaked out progressive gems on the indomitable

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Tech Tonic

Insonitus Records returns with Tech Tonic, another installment of tasty techno-oriented tunes, this time exploring the deeper side of dark progressive psytrance. With lower BPMs, groove bass lines, and sexy

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Muhara – Personal Perception

Personal Perception is the first release by Muhara (Jan Tomić), a young psychedelic artist from Split, Croatia. He already had some experience as a DJ in his city before turning toward production to explore

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Mindex – Teleport

After what felt like an eternity traveling through other dimensional realms Mindex finally returns to our plane of existence with Teleport. His first desire, after teleporting back to the wonderful planet Earth, was

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Dopeness is the debut compilation from Dopetec Records, Germany, here to bring you fast and crazy music from the hi-tech end of the psytrance spectrum. For this initial foray into the world of hyperkinetic dance music

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