CeZZers – Unconventional

“If everyone is thinking alike then somebody isn’t thinking at all…” Unconventional is the third release by CeZZers, an Israeli hybrid progressive psytrance duo. Prepare your ears for a twisted

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Bogtrotter – Catawompus

Bogtrotter hails from Minneapolis but his music makes him sound as if he’s emerged from a slimy test tube in an Area 51 laboratory. His trippy, drippy downtempo and menacing, experimental breaks have been leaving

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Aragorn – Stupid Rules

Digital Shamans Records presents Stupid Rules, the debut release by Swiss producer Aragorn. Here we find ourselves deep in the forest groove with twisted atmospheres and high-energy night-time psychedelic trance beats.

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Brazilian label Padang Records returns with another dark gem from the depths of space: Nibiru. As with their previous release, Barong & Garuda, the style is darkly tilted toward minimalistic and progressive

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Sinewinder – Sineaptic Surge

Quantum Bleep Records presents Sineaptic Surge, a riveting collection of 6 remixes, reworks, and edits of tracks by Sinewinder, a Bristol-based project exploring the intersection of progressive psytrance and slinky

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Merkaba – Language Of Light

Language Of Light is a sacred and deep journey through intentional, tribal, psychedelic, organic, epic, and cosmic trancescapes by Merkaba of Merkaba Music. Originally released in 2012, this album incorporates ancient

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Psypien – Orbiton

Orbiton is a collection of three songs by Psypien released on the first Lebanese psytrance label, Psyde Effect Records. Hand-crafted in New York by Austrian artist Oliver Z/L, this release is a statement that flows

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Monsters Under My Bed

Melting Runes Records presents Monsters Under My Bed, a new compilation featuring music selected by label founder and manager Zemich (Denmark). Featured here are nine new and unique mind-bending tracks from some of the

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The Greys – Alpha Centauri

Insonitus Records has intercepted some wild and abstract sounds that have traveled far across the abyss of outer space from Alpha Centauri. These sounds consist of obscure frequencies unheard by mankind until now. The

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Twisted Kala, Anarchic Freakuency Records, and their universal kind mind friends invite you to come and surf on their magical waves! MagiKali is a smashing new compilation featuring many well-known names in night-time

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