Beyond The Tuubi

Dear Suomi-saundi and freeform psytrance sounds lovers! Sound Kitchen Records proudly present their first compilation, Beyond The Tuubi. Let the cold winter days fade as our debut release will warm you with funky

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Mister Chill’R – Lysergic Lullabies

Lysergic Lullabies is a series of six new acid jazz singles by Mister Chill’R featuring live saxophone by S!M and additional production by Planewalker. These relaxing, mind-expanding tracks blend pristine

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Inner Fhorse Chapter 1

HorsePower Productions proudly presents their 10th release, their first dedicated entirely to night-time psychedelics: Inner Fhorse Chapter 1. In this 12 track compilation the label takes you on a ride through some of

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Virtuality from Pureuphoria Records is a fresh collection of progressive psytrance from around the world. Since the 21st century the term “virtuality” has acquired meaning as a condition in which the subject

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Night Lines

Night Lines is another solid release from Neurotrance Records, this time featuring nine energetic tracks with a distinct high-quality full-on twilight style. Compiled by Suibara, this release will blow the dance floor

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atSar – Chapter Zero

Neurotrance Records proudly presents the first fully-featured studio mini-album by Portuguese DJ and producer atSar (Pedro Trindade): Chapter Zero. This is a remarkable expedition through powerful melodic realms setting

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Mind Expander

Melting Runes Records presents their tenth release, Mind Expander, a cooperation between label DJ Yanik (Germany) and label manager Zemich (Denmark). The tracks are well-selected to take you on a journey to the twisted,

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Chaos Control – Miracle Mysterium

Planewalker and Mister Chill’R are returning to their roots with Miracle Mysterium, a relaxing yet energizing release featuring four downtempo tracks and one drum ‘n’ bass track. Here, the duo revisits

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NuTone – Dare To Dream

Australian psytrance artist NuTone brings you his debut release, Dare To Dream, on NJOI MUSIC. NuTone’s sound is serious and driving, with interesting rhythms and atmospheres that feel spacious and cosmic. In this

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Tympanik – Psycho In Wonderland

Tympanik from Argentina presents Psycho In Wonderland, three full-on psychedelic trance tracks blasting with vibrant and complex melodic explosions, epic uplifting builds, and drops with numerous psychedelic effects.

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